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The Greatest Love A Man Can Give

Great Sunday Brothers,

This week I want to talk just a little bit about a verse from the Book of John and how I incorporate it into my day…that verse is John 15:13.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

John 15:13

It’s important to realize that the term “love” in this passage doesn’t mean an emotion. Instead, this love is more described as a sacrificial action that shows the ultimate selflessness and humility towards your fellow brother. Jesus proved his love on the cross by giving his life and you can’t deny that his sacrificial action wasn’t the ultimate love he gave to save all of us.

I would venture a guess that most of you who read this post would agree that you wouldn’t necessarily want to arbitrarily give up your life. But in contrast, I think I can say that some of us would run head first into danger if it meant saving the life of another. In dire circumstances, we would do it without ever thinking of the consequences leveraged against us.

I write this post today not to express the valor of protecting your fellow brother. Rather, I write this post to talk about the necessity of being prepared to face that chance every time you start your day. Everyday we wake up is a blessing and also a new adventure which shouldn’t be taken for granted. None of us know exactly what life has planned out for us so we are left trying our best to be ready for whatever comes our way either good or bad.

For most of us who live the EDC lifestyle, we load out everyday putting our most trusted gear in our preferred spot on our person. Many individuals also incorporate a firearm into their daily EDC selection. I carry my firearm everyday understanding that there is a good chance it won’t be used in the course of a normal day. Because of this routine, It’s very easy to get complacent in this respect and when we get complacent, our mindset tends to fall away as well. But…I have mentioned before that things can turn south in the blink of an eye at anytime. If the time comes where I am in a situation where I need to separate the gun from the holster, there is no time at that moment to stop and think things out with a cup of coffee and a notebook. That is why I keep John 15:13 close to me.

This verse from the Book of John is a great verse to remember throughout my day not only to remind me of the ultimate love Jesus gave us. It also helps me remember that tomorrow is never promised and having my affairs in order are absolutely important. When I gear up for the day, I keep this verse close to my heart, not to question my valor but to be prepared for the possible consequences that might fall before me. 

Stay vigilant and have a great week brothers. 

– Tom


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